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SER: Art Edition

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

After 6 years of first interviewing Maria Fernanda Vogel, we speak to her again about her continued artistic trajectory. Now, the twenty-one year old is a young woman that has kept her enthusiasm and empathy by helping those in need. In this new interview, we share her new projects and artistic development. We recognise once more, that Maria Fernanda keeps her spirit young and at the same time, love for social work in her beloved country, Nicaragua.

SER: After the very succesful exhibitions of Favelas, what has motivated you to keep creating art through painting?

Maria Fernanda: After the great success of Favelas, painting became a very important part of my identity. I think that at that time, I was not fully aware of the meaning of selling an entire collection in one evening at the age of fifteen. Now I see at as the first page in my story as an artist. Considering that talent and hardwork have no limits, I owed it to myself to keep going.

SER: Tell us about your experience in Florence? Why did you choose this city?

Maria Fernanda : From the times of the Italian Renaissance in the 1400’s, Florence has been the birthplace of art itself. After studying two years in Washington D.C., I made the decision to grow artistically on a deeper level and so decided to move to Italy.

SER: Do you maintain a certain kind of technique or will you apply many different ones?

Maria Fernanda: Even though the diversity of techniques represent my early pieces and is characteristic of my work, right now my concern is really preparing myself from a classical point. I have learned this is the base to properly prepare and impulse an artist.

SER: Besides painting, do you have other interests? What do you do on your free time?

Maria Fernanda: I am convinced all kinds of artistic expressions are intertwined. This is why I consider myself more an artist than a painter. In my free time, I try to explore abilities and interests that I dont know enough about.

SER: You have collaborated with organisations that support women and children. Can you tell us about your experience?

Maria Fernanda: One of the main reasons Favelas was such a success was because it was accompanied by a very strong social message and gave life to the paintings. I have collaborated with Vega Baja, an organisation in Diriamba that provides professional development to women of all ages. I am also currently involved in Centro de Asistencia a la Mujer. This organisation provides support to pregnant women in crisis. The opportunity to help others exploit their potential has made me grow as a person.

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