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" I have always genuinely believed that art has a place in all aspects of our lives, not just a wall in our home.


It was essential for me as a female artist and entrepreneur to bring art to life under the concept that life is your masterpiece. You deserve to to own a unique piece of art and have it inhabit all aspects of your life.

I began this journey in 2020 crafting 100% Silk Twill scarves. Today, Vogel Collections keeps expanding with the dream and hope of making your days happier, even more beautiful and inspiring. 

This brand is meant for art lovers and for lovers of life. Each and every piece is treated and crafted like an artwork: They are all limited edition and crafter with intricate love and attention to detail.


Each piece is meant to enhance your days and inspire you to create a life you love. 

Ultimately, every piece you collect is a reminder that life is your masterpiece. 

With love, 

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