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Vogel's Art at Robustos

Vogel’s Art at Robusto’s

For twenty days, Robusto will be a small gallery where the works of young artist, Maria Fernanda Vogel, will be showcased. The place is located in the second floor of Plaza Mayor, second entry of Las Colinas. The exhibition is called Favelas and in these paintings, she reflects part of what she has observed throughout her life. “Poverty, social separations in Nicaragua, this is what my work is about” affirms Vogel.

She explained she has been at work for four years, alongside her professor, Nicaraguan artist Alejandra Duque Estrada. She commented that this is her second individual art show. “ I have already donde an exhibition with the same title, and I can say this is a continuation of the first one”, comments the young artist.

She explained that the exhibition that is now being showcased at Robusto was born out of an invitation that was extended to her and that she is presenting a series of paintings that were recent and ready to be shown. “ I am satisfied and very happy with the work I have managed to create, and would like to express my gratitude to all those that like my work and to my parents who have always supported me”.

Robusto Lounge

Vania Puerro, general manager of Robusto, invites anyone who is interested to visit the exhibition and adds that the pieces are for sale. She indicates that Robusto is Lounge, Drinks, Cigars. “ The specialty are cigars we offer great variety to satisfy all tastes.” She also assures that Robustos is a place for events and celebrations. Now, it is also exploring the concept as a space that works as a gallery, to provide a friendly and artistic environment. “ Here you can come and enjoy your time in couples, groups of friends and even family, in a enjoyable and art- surrounded atmosphere, this is why I invite everyone to have a good time.

t Robusto”.

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