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Oct 05, 2008 · Instantaneous velocity measurement with resolution of 10 kHz, and for any fixed distance from the laser to the mirror. It is an important topic to be studied for the accurate measurement of the velocity of a moving laser. The aPSD100 is a high speed data acquisition system for integration with the LabVIEW program environment and PC based data acquisition systems. Multiple aPSD100 devices may be daisy-chained and controlled synchronously, and data collected from an aPSD100 connected to a data acquisition card connected to a PC can be used as part of the data collection.Pesky Pesky is a Welsh name. Notable people with the name include: Daniel P. Pesky (born 1942), American jurist George C. Pesky (1901–1984), American politician Greg Pesky, American politician Isaac Pesky (born 1983), American soccer player John Pesky (1919–2010), British soldier and historian John Pesky (engineer), British civil engineer John F. Pesky (1879–1955), American politician Jon Pesky (born 1970), American Christian music artist and guitarist Jonathan Pesky (1749–1812), a British writer, actor, and political figure Michael Pesky (born 1981), Australian actor Nick Pesky (born 1978), American record producer and songwriter Norman Pesky (1929–2013), British composer Peter Pesky (born 1944), English-born professional road racing cyclist See also Pesky Swifts, a men's basketball team in the United Kingdom Psi Phi Society, a fraternity that claims an alumnus named Pesky Psilocybin, a psychedelic chemical compound with the common name psilocybin Category:Welsh-language surnamesQ: Implementing a url slug from html string - Javascript Ok, so I'm trying to implement a URL slug generator in JavaScript, so that I can send parameters to a PHP page. This is what I have now: function generateUrl(productId) { var url = "product/productId="; var productId = productId; // Remove the "productId=" string from the url. if (productId) { url = url.replace("product




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