" La Vita e´ Bella" is a very special collection that was born just after closing the Lost City. Conceived as a revival of what it means to be alive, the series is a celebration of life itself. This collection showcases  a new way of presenting paintings alongside traditional artwork with the purpose of creating  a new way of looking at art, thus creating a much more interactive, inspiring experience. " La Vita e´Bella", which literally translates to " life is beautiful" is a homage to the artist´s training in Florence and a celebration of Italian artistic heritage. 


This is collection was born to be beautiful yet powerful. If Id had to place it somewhere, it would be between Colonial Latin America and Florence; a non-existent, magical place where only life, color and light are possible. I wanted to create a series that sparked life, light and gave dreams life.


Just as La Ciudad Perdida showcased a magical city, in this series a the constant elements is intense color, light and doors symbolizing different moments and stages of life that contain great detail, yet when seen from afar, compose a beautiful masterpiece.  The common element throughout this collection is doors, particularly from my home country, Nicaragua. These icons of colonial history are also symbolic of who we are as a people and a reflection of the passage of time, family, heritage, history, opportunities as well as a visual reminder of the timeline o life itself.                                                           

  - Maria Fernanda Vogel 




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