Our mission is to make the best quality media for your business accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. The relationship we forster with you as our client is of extreme importance to us. At Beyond, we make sure to adopt each of the brands we work with as part of our family. 

The Basics

If you need help taking your idea from a concept to a logo, this plan is for you. We take you by the hand to understand what your brand should be all about. We then create high-quality media content you can use for all your web uses from social media posts.  We also take charge of and manage your social media accounts as well as create meaningful connections and collaborations with influencers / brand ambassadors most suitable to your brand.

The M & M

Our M & M stands from Media and Management. 

This package is perfect for brands that want a complete follow up of our services in terms of customer services. M & M is all about the creation of powerful, impactful media and creating connecting on a one-on-one attention level with your clients. We will make sure to follow up on you social media, so that not only content is top-notch but also that no question is left unanswered. 

 web presence

Our complete web presence means that we take the impact of your brand beyond social media. Besides all our social media services offered in the basics and the m & m, we create a landing site for your brand, where we give added value to your business from contact information to your history. Taking your brand beyond social media is an important professional move that will differentiate your business from the millions of business only present in social media. This is also a way to have a presentation that can attract important collaborations and or investors. 

the whole package

Let's give you brand the whole package. From your logo, social media creation, content,  management, and social media customer service, we move to a completely customized website. We curate all of your media to create your website with as many tabs content and information you may need. We keep all of your social media accounts and website updated. This membership opens up a world of possibilities for your brand or business. 

let's take you beyond

The star of the show. This membership includes everything you need for your brand. We will completely manage your social media and customer experience. You will have a website that can now be a complete e-commerce site where your clients can buy online. If you are a restaurant, this means you can now have a website where your clients make their online reservations, or if you are a health coach, you can now sell your memberships online. Let's take you Beyond is the complete experience. From the elegance and impact of your logo to the backbone of becoming an online business mogul. 

FAQ and Disclaimers



Disclaimer: Additional Fees may apply for some services. Ex: Sponsored Media Campaigns, Influencer Services, Photography and others. 

All Packages include one brand or product.

We love the entrepreneurial spirit! Make sure to contact us If you need our services for more than one brand/product. We will love to hear from you and give you a better deal. 

We offer all of our content in English, Spanish and Italian. For the same fee, you can request all your content in all three languages.